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A salty air

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Michu put this photo up on twitter an hour ago. This blog practically started off as a Michu love-fest. I love Michu. 
Michu ha puesto esta foto en twitter hace una hora. Este blog prácticamente empezó como uno de mi amor para la leyenda. Michu, te quiero. 
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Unedited photo of me in the process of moving from Spain to Ireland
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This is my nephew looking at a photo of me as a baby and I think it’s cool thanks for reading adios
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I woke up at one,

We played drinking games after,

Now I am hungry. 

Sonic Dad Selfies 

artwork for my band’s first EP which doesn’t yet exist 






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“If you look at the Bundesliga, you’ve got a very successful, competitive league with bigger attendances than the Premier League. Their clubs haven’t been doing too badly of late and their national team hasn’t either. Yet it remains accessible to a wide range of the population,” said the Football Supporters’ Federation chairman, Malcolm Clarke.

“You can have a drink if you choose to, you can stand up if you choose to. Often you get a free metro ticket included as well. It offers a model that in many ways is more successful than our own. And it is not a coincidence that most of their clubs are owned by their members.”